Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Gone crazy for Cult beauty

I recently had myself one of those 'I don't care I'm spending it' moments on the notorious online beauty shop Cult beauty.
It was totally in the moment and if I didn't do it there and then I wouldn't have done it all.
I was actually in need of a make-up restock anyway....well thats my excuse.

First thing in my bag was my Becca foundations, I've already spoken about them in one of my recent blog posts so I don't want to bang on about them to much, but like I've said before they really are one of my favourite foundations out their at the moment.
They are honestly so lightweight it's probably the only foundation that feels like I'm wearing nothing on my skin all throughout the day. 
You'll see when you take it out it's packaging it has traces of highlighter built into the formula so it leaves skin glossy and glowy even before your highlighter's applied, and if like me no matter how much highlight, glow and sparkle you apply it just never really is enough drop the Becca skin perfector into your shopping basket for an absolutely dramatic, over the top, extra glow to the skin.

Another beauty must have that no make-up lover can ever have enough of  is your brushes.
I actually discovered Zoeva brushes when I used to work in Selfridges and absolutely loved everything about them, the quality, the fact that they came in singles and in bulk and the price! 
Make-up artist or not whoever goes out to buy themselves good quality brushes will 90% of the time have the should I shouldn't I voice in their head when handing over there credit card.
They are so expensive I know, but Zoeva took the guilt of my card and I bought myself a fan brush for my highlighter, a new liner brush that's head is on an angle so it's a lot easier to get yourself that perfect flick and a new foundation brush that feels nice and dense to give a really even finish to your make-up. 
All three brushes cost me £36.97! 
That never happens when I buy brushes can I just add! 

Zoeva also have the most amazing eyeshadow palletes, I love anything compact that fits easy into my kit anyway so these are just perfect. 
I purchased the rose golden palette, anything that has the word rose gold in it I'm like Yasss put that into my basket..... immediatly!
The tones go from warm summery colours from one end into cool earthy tones on the other so It's a real go to palette that you'll always use.
At £18.00 you can't really go wrong either.

Lastly (Ive wanted to get my hands on this forever now by the way) It's the Chrissy Teigen blush and highlighter compact by Becca! I'm obsessed! So obsessed I've bought myself another because It's limited edition and I just won't cope well if I lose it or it runs out.
Firstly before I start telling you how much I love my sexy new pur-chase can we take a moment of silence for the packaging....................................................................................................Thank you. 
I am literally a sucker for good packaging, it feels and looks expensive with a beautiful rose gold theme to it (rose gold YAS!) and a VERY good sized mirror inside and not to mention the heart indented into one of the highlighters, I can't cope.

There are two highlighters, one is slightly rose goldly and the other is a light coral pink. I've always been a champagne pop kinda girl (which I had to buy again but with the limited edition champagne bottle engraved into it may I add!) but I've defooo swayed slightly towards the coral pink highlighter in the palette.
I do find the blush slightly to pink for me personally but I have used it on clients and on shoots to create more of a romantic feel to the make-up. The bronzer is great, I do prefer more of matte bronzer but this works in really well with the two highlighters giving a really natural sun kissed glow.

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Happy beauty shopping glam fam!



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