Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Soap and Glory

This has to be the best delivery I think I have ever received so far from the very generous brand Soap and Glory.
Im always as honest as I can be with brands that send me stuff and Soap and Glory came through like yasss (meaning I L-O-V-E-D it all).
I actually never even knew they did this much make-up, I always thought of the brand as more body lotions and bath stuff but no no no, they literally have everything from lipsticks in bright reds and pale nudes to highlighters and blushers to get you glowing this summer and the best thing about it all....... It's super affordable! yayy!

Firstly..... the box it came in, I just can't. My favourite kind of pink and rose gold details I liked the brand before I even opened it up, but once I did open it up I must admit I was pretty excited, the packaging of each product has a retro feel to it with a pink and gold theme throughout, so cute.
There were so many products inside it took me a while to go through them all and pick out my favourites but I got there in the end and what felt like hours of me swatching and playing I finally created this look for you all which I've posted on my Instagram.

I could have probably created a good few different looks with the amount of products I had to play with but I went with something soft and pink to go with my palm tree wallpaper lol (which I'm obsessed with by the way, you can buy it from Ebay).
The shadow palettes are great, I love palettes that are organised into mattes and shimmers or brights and nudes and thats exactly what Soap and Glory do.
They went on so easily and the colours are super soft and natural.
I felt like going for an all over matte shadow on the eyes, It's not something I do very often, I'm always drawn to shimmers but I was out for the whole day today and felt like mattes would have lasted that little bit longer.
Colours I used on the eyes were 'mauve over' and 'conker all' on the outer corners of the eye with 'pink-tuitive' on the centre of the lid, going in with the Supercat fat eyeliner pen which by the way has to be the blackest pen I have ever used.
With my brows I never like to much, most of the time I brush through them with a brow gel or I use a super thin pencil to give a brush stroke effect, so I used the Soap and Glory 2-in-1 brow filling pencil then brushed them through with the brow fibre gel to keep my brows in place.

On the skin I've used everything from the collection apart from my foundation (foundation by Becca Cosmetics) the base under my foundation is the Hocus Focus flaw softening illuminator which gives a super glowy finish to your makeup, I then applied my own foundation and went in with the kick ass concealer which has an under eye concealer a face concealer AND a setting powder all under one packaging and the coverage is amazing!

So I love me a contour, but I can't deal with to much contour, you know when it goes all powdery and its just to ashy, yeh that.
So I used the mighty contourer in medium, It's a cream so you can really work it into the skin giving it a really natural look. It also includes a blusher and highlighter which I didn't use but I did use the Peach Party highlighter which is gorgeoussss, anything peach tone I'm all over anyway with the made you blush blusher which is the perfect shade of pink, not to bright and not to dark.
Finishing of the look with Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick (I just love the name) in Rosy Chic.
I think overall the lipsticks have to my favourite out of the whole collection, they have such a wide range of different colours and they won't break the bank retailing at only £9!

To shop the full Soap & Glory collection click on the links above or below!
Soap & Glory
Hocus focus base

Lashes by Doll Beauty using the Lanni lash


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