Thursday, 11 May 2017

Havana Nights

So I've developed this obsession for the whole Cuban, Havana nights vibe at the moment, and although I'm yet to tick Cuba off my bucket list I've spent so many hours on Pinterest looking at all the inspiration I actually could have taken a flight there by now.
I love all the warm colours mixed with the baby blues and the pinks and the headscarfs with layers of silver and gold jewellery mixed with ruffled fabrics.
You get the picture.

I was shopping in Zara the other day and everywhere I looked was colour, pineapples and palm prints,  I felt like I had just stepped into Cuba itself.
 I picked up this cute tropical shirt and headscarf, with a gorgeous gold coin necklace adding on a pair of earrings I found on ASOS.
To be honest I've never really been one to have much colour in my wardrobe, I'm more of a neutral, different shades of grey kinda girl but I'm desperate for sunshine and thats very rare over here in the U.K. so I've taken it into my own hands and bought summer to Thirty Eight Bella Street myself.

I had to of course be extra (as always) and give myself beautiful glowing skin with a bronze eye and a pop of sea blue on the lower lash line, not forgetting a black liner and (in my eyes) a 'natural' pair of lashes.
Team it together with a bold orange lip and you are ready to Havana your way into the night.

kylie peach palette
Nude by nature palette 
Brow wiz brow pencil
gel liner
Lashes in Amy by doll lash

Lady Danger by MAC


Coin necklace


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