Friday, 28 July 2017

Faux Leather At Restaurant Ours

So I went to the new place to be on Thursday night, Restaurant Ours, so cute, literally full of my favourite things from flower cocktails, cute toilets (see pic below) that are amazing for the Gram and the inside decor is basically full of trees lit up with fairy lights and pink chairs, I just loved it.
Food and service was amazing, our host was so happy and full of energy which made me feel great throughout my meal and the food has a kinda European tapas type vibe to it. Honestly, if you live in London or visiting you have to go.

Anyway onto my hair, outfit, makeup and all that stuff you're actually here for.
I've literally lived in casual clothes at the moment, weather is just crap here in the U.K. right now (makes a change...*rolling eyes emoji*) so I haven't felt like dressing up or going out anywhere special but I really wanted to go to this Restaurant so out came the pins.

Iv'e had this grey skirt forever in my wardrobe and never actually worn it before, I just love how you can team a skirt together with a cute jumper and a pair of trainers and make the look super casual or dress it with a pair of heels and a nice top and your ready go out out.
I bought this skirt from Missguided, they have loads of different faux leather skirts in different colours but I just love anything neutral so you can team it together with literally anything and they really are great value for money, so cheap.
I added in a plain black body, I honestly love a tight body especially this type because YOU DONT HAVE TO WEAR A BRA! YASSS! NO BRA! Ok I realise some people need to wear one but the tighter the body the securer the boob.
Again this body was from Missguided, they are super cheap and easy to wear.
My white blazer is from Zara, I feel like everyone should have a white and black blazer in their wardrobe, another piece of clothing that teams together with anything casual or dressed up.
I really wanted to wear heels, like stiletto heels that most of the time I struggle to walk in but I was jumping on the tube to London and just didn't think me, heels and the underground would work out some how so I opted for my go to, wear them with everything black boots also from Zara. Now I know they don't stock these boots anymore but Public Desire have a pair that are literally the same (click the link at the bottom of the page).

You can't really see my makeup so much in these pics but I've been using cream highlighters or glosses lately rather then powders. I just prefer creamy textures on my skin right now, I feel they sit better and my skins been soooo dry lately due to this cream I've been using on my face which I promise to talk about in my next blog post ,but yeh, creams are my fave right now. Here I've used MAC cosmetics Hush cream colour base.
I gave myself a smokey eye which haven't done on myself in forever using the Zoeva Rose golden palette that I mentioned in my last blog post.

This hair style is my new favourite thing to do, I'm not even kidding you it takes 5 mins and I'm out.
Ill do a video real soon so you guys can see exactly how it's done so watch out for that on my Instagram page but in a nut shell all you need is dry shampoo, hair spray and tongs. Dry shampoo your hair even if its clean just to give texture, separate your hair into medium size sections and wrap that around your tong for literally 3 seconds, you don't want you sections to be ringlets you just want that kinda bed head type of hair.
Throw hair forward, spray with hairspray, flick hair back and your good to go!

To shop everything on this page click links

Faux leather skirt
Black body
White blazer
Black boots
Zoeva rose golden palette
MAC hush creme highlight

To book a table at Restaurant Ours
Restaurant Ours


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