Thursday, 31 August 2017

Stripes and tropical prints

So it's been super difficult for me to blog the outfits I actually want to blog with the weather in London being absolutely crap. 
I'm so bad when the weathers grey and dull , I find it really hard to be inspired and actually get up to take pics, nevertheless I headed to Cyprus for my friends wedding and took full advantage of the beautiful surroundings and breath taking views from my apartment. 

My whole outfit is from Zara and didn't cost me anymore then £44 , from hairband to jumpsuit to shoes! 
When it comes to jumpsuits I always find it hard to make them look exciting. I don't know why that is, I just feel like I put on this one item of clothing and always feel like somethings missing.
They just need that extra zuzsh (my word for that something that little bit extra) to bring it all together so I went with a totally different random tropical print hairband and a pair of faux leather wedges. 

The hairband cost me £7.99 and they have so many different prints to add that something to either your swimwear or outfit. 
The jumpsuit was only £15.99 and my shoes at what I think is a real bargain at £19.99. 
You don't actually have to wear wedges with the outfit obviously, I just like to be extra sometimes and give myself abit height as I'm only 5'3, a pair of flat sandals or converse would also look super cute. 

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