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Dreaming in the Gili Islands and Lombok

The Gili Islands

When myself, my partner Rob, my sis Louisa and Esteban her boyfriend reached The first of the Gili island's there are no words to describe our faces or excitement. Literally we couldn't take our eyes of the views until the captain of the boat told us we need to move our luggage of the beach.
We finally got to see the Turquoise seas and white sands we had been so desperate to get our feet into.
It was Paradise.

Gili T

We started of in Gili Trawangan otherwise known as Gili T, the biggest of the three Islands.
There are literally no cars on the islands which gives it more of special feel, especially living in a time like this, Its nice to know there are still hidden places out there that care about keeping things organic and beautiful.
You get around on horse and carts which I found really upsetting as an animal lover, but later found out the horses only work 3 hours a day as its to hot.
Myself and my partner got ourselves round on cute pink bikes (seeing my boyfriend on a pink bike with a basket attached to the front was very amusing lol) from our AMAZING hotel Pinkcoco.
It's called Pinkcoco for a reason, with the rooms, sun beds, reception area, bikes all being pink. Even small details of the hotel are pink including the toothbrushes, the slippers you receive, hairbands and water bottles.
That famous Bali swing you see on in there Instagram pics..... even that is pink. Detail is everything there.

                  Instagram: @Lchrys_

The best part for me is they are on form when it comes to looking after the environment, using recycled glass water bottles, paper straws and the food is super healthy.
It's based right on the beach with big comfy pink bean bags to lounge on or if you prefer, the pool is just as beautiful and open 24/7.
The hotel shows films each night on the beach and believe me there is nothing more relaxing then actually watching The film the Beach with a cocktail and the sound of the sea behind you.

     Pinkcoco Hotel

It is situated on the more of the quieter part of the Island which I loved and you only have to walk a few moments until your back in the middle of the hustle and all the busy restaurants and bars.

Gili T I would say is more of the touristy Island out of the three, Aussies flock here most of the year to party for the full moon each month, surf and eat some good food, so if you're looking for a quiet peaceful holiday, you can defo get that on some parts of the Island but most of is pretty busy with people.

We ate at a few good spots in the time we stayed, one of them being a beautiful restaurant called Pearl beach which is made completely out of bamboo, you can't really miss it, its probably the prettiest restaurant on the island and the food is super fresh.
KO-KO-MO was another great spot, a lot of fish and meat which was hard for me being veggie but I found a few good dishes for myself on the menu.
Casa Vintage is another one that my sister actually visited and said was one of the best places she has eaten. Its located the opposite side to pearl beach restaurant and located on the sand with cute swings, hammocks and clothes shops to look in whilst your waiting for your food.

     Casa vintage

                           Pearl beach

Gili T is something you must see, I really did feel like I was a tini tiny person in the middle of this crazy beautiful Island, It's like a huge play area for kids and adult kids and you must see it.


We only went to Lombok for the day, totally unplanned but thats when all the fun things happen right?

We originally wanted to visit Lombok to see the pink beach, but once we arrived we were told it was 4 hours there and 4 hours back so we decided to visit some of the famous waterfalls instead.

    Pink Beach Lombok

Air Terjun Kawangan was the name of the waterfall or should I say waterfalls we were taken to and I can honestly say it was worth the trip. 
Pictures will never do this place justice because it was the atmosphere that made this place so special,  so calming a tranquil it will forever be a special memory to me.
A tour guide will take you around all 4 waterfalls and if you're brave enough you can take a jump of the first fall you see (I was not brave enough myself).
We were lucky enough to have an amazing guide who made us crowns made out of giant tree leaves and really looked after my sister and I as there is a lot of trekking up and down steep hills to get to some of the waterfalls.

It's a pretty exhausting day with quite a few hours of walking round the jungle and if you're lucky you'll get to see some of the wild monkeys wandering around.


Once you arrive in Lombok you're best paying for a driver to chaperone you round the island for the day which will probably cost you around £30 english money.
So much easier then trying to find taxis as the doc from the Gili Islands is pretty quiet on arrival.

Gili Meno

Gili Meno, probably my favourite Island out of the two above. The smallest and the quietest with the least to do but you'll have the most relaxing time. Something you'll need if you've spent most of the time travelling around being a tourist.
The sea is crystal clear so It's great for snorkelling and turtle watching but once you've done that grab yourself a cocktail and just enjoy paradise.
One thing I'll say is it is very coupley. People tend to honeymoon on this Island so if you're not into the whole newly wed thing then it may not be for you lol.

We rented an amazing Villa just down one of the side streets that actually reminded me of the playboy mansion, it was huge and only cost us £25 a night! Its just ridiculous how you can live out there with minimal money.

I didn't get to see a lot of Meno as I was only there for a night and a half but I managed to eat some really good food at the Karma beach resort which was lit up by the full moon we had over us and relax on a beautiful beach just before setting of to my final destination.

     Instagram: @_xxviiimcmxcv_ and @lchrys_

Unfortunately we didn't get to see Gili Air, our holiday wasn't long enough to visit the last island but from what Iv'e heard the island is right in between Gili meno and Gili T. You can relax, snorkel and sleep all day or put your feet up and listen to some soft chill out music at one of Gili Airs beach bars.


To get to the Gili Islands it takes you around 2 hours to get to Padang Bai harbour from Seminyak and then around 1 hour and a half to get from the harbour to your chosen Gili Island.
We paid around 800,000 Indonisian rupiah which is about £12 (sterling) for four of us. That includes transfers from hotel to padang Bai and your boat ride.
Try and leave as early as possible as the sea will be a lot calmer!


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