Thursday, 28 September 2017

What I am thankful for this month

It's not often enough I take time out of my day to thank God for what I have.
I think we are constantly surrounded by social media and looking at other peoples lives we don't take enough time out of our own life to be thankful for all the good things we have been given.

I really do try my best to be as positive as possible but sometimes, without even realising I find I can be quite harsh on myself and I'm not appreciating the beautiful things I have around me.
This happens when I'm over worked, tired, or in a lot of cases for many women it's that time of the month or I'm simply just irritated because something I want to happen isn't happening quick enough.
Iv'e always been better at writing things down rather then saying things out loud so I have decided that each month I am going to blog 5 things I am thankful for.

The first thing I am thankful for this month.

1.   My amazing friends- I mean I just couldn't ask for a better bunch. Individually they are all absolutely crazy but I wouldn't change them for the world. They make life just that little bit more colourful and I have no idea what I would do without them. For me personally I have learnt that friendship is based on most importantly being able to be 100% yourself and having people around you who love you for exactly who you are. Although this year we have shed some sad tears together, we have also cried with laughter through most of it and that is why I love them.

    2.     My absolutely gorgeous boyfriend- I have to say I am quite private when it comes to my    
            relationship and social media. I put a few pics up here and their but I've never been one to 
            plaster my love life on the gram, but on this rare occasion I have to say how thankful I
            am to have found my actual dream man.
            He builds me up, makes me feel beautiful when I know I look like absolute shit, he always 
            wants to help the more vulnerable and ego doesn't even exist with him.
            I think a few women can relate when I say I have dated men where I constantly have to 
            guess what he's actually feeling or what he's doing, does he actually like me and it just 
            gets boring.
            I can honestly say from the beginning I have never second guessed his feelings (even though
            I am always asking him if he loves me for real lol, psychoooo.)
            The list is endless on why I am thankful for this wonderful human but I'll stop there before I   
            make you all vomit.

 3.      Sundays- It's the small things on a sunday I love. Through the week I'm usually really busy,
            then Saturday comes and you literally have no time to even breath so by the end of the day 
            you realise you haven't eaten one thing and have a headache because you've forgotten to drink
            water, so, Sundays I try not to work and give myself some well deserved Nicolette time.
            I wake up and have my tea in my favourite mug and feed my gorgeous best mate Luna
            (my cat) Sometimes if I'm not at work ill put my church service on in bed then get up 
            and do my weekly shop at the farmers market in Alexandra palace (it really is the best 
            farmers market EVER).
            In the last couple of weeks me, my boyfriend and my friends have ended up in the pub for 
            most of the afternoon eating and drinking prosecco and leaving the whole social media 
            thing for another day. I find starting my week of like that makes me feel calm and motivated
            ready for the new week.

   4.     Another month being veggie- I promise I'm not one of those annoying vegans who drop the
           fact that they are vegan at the end of every sentence but since cutting out meat and dairy I feel 
           so much better its unreal! I haven't found it challenging at all, I think if I was doing this just 
           for diet reasons only I would probably find it really hard but I'm doing it for the love I 
           have for animals so I guess that makes it that little bit more easier.
           I swear this is the only thing I have managed to actually stick to for a really long time and just
           wish I had done this along time ago.

 5.     That It's finally Autumn- Oh my God I haven't stopped going on about Autumn. I'm
          obsessed. The chunky knitted jumpers, the red, orange and yellow shades that run through our
          trees and our clothes, the fact that It is finally acceptable to watch Hocus Pocus without any
          judgement and the overall smell of bonfire and pumpkin spiced lattes in the air.
          Don't get me wrong I love summer and I love hot weather but I much prefer Autumn clothes 
          and surprisingly we have really nice weather over here during September and October.
          So after what felt like the crappiest summer in terms of weather, I am thankful that we are 
          finally in a season that actually feels like what its supposed to be.

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