Monday, 24 April 2017

My love for MAC lippies

I love a....

MAC lipsticks.... no seriously I counted them all today and I own 121 , not including the ones I probably have floating around my bags somewhere.
To be fair I worked for MAC for 6 years so I built this collection up fairly easy.
We were lucky enough to get given them every three months on training days and we had a pretty good discount so it was only right that I would treat myself to one (or 5) once a week.

The best thing about a MAC lipstick has to be the fact that there is a colour for everyone.
When I first started working for them 7 years ago there was still a huge range but just not enough colours in-between, but after visiting the counter recently I couldn't believe how many more colours and textures they had come out with, all of those in-between colours I was searching for were suddenly there, making it ridiculous when it came to finding my perfect shade of red (3 hours I was in there!).
From different tones of browns and pinks to extravagant colours like deep blues and bright yellows there really is a type of lipstick for every woman, man and mood.

Ive listed and swatched a few of my MAC faves which you can buy from the link below.
A couple are limited edition so they might be hard to find BUT I have found similar colours and attached them next to my faves.

Kinda Sexy

Sweet & Sour

Ablaze (Limited edition but I've given you a great alternative)


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