Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sometimes no make-up

So as much as I love wearing make-up and applying it on my gorgeous clients, sometimes I don't want to wear anything.
Lately during the week I've been letting my skin breath and using a whole load of organic skin care rather then a whole load of foundation.
Obviously once the weekend comes I'm like 'yasssss Anastasia Beverley Hills brow pomade, HIGHLIGHTER COME AT ME!' Then I pull out every lipstick I own and try them each on before I decide on my everyday nude, but I'm starting to learn that good skincare and the simple 8 glasses of water a day remedy is the most important part of any make-up routine and the key tip to perfect skin.

Don't get my wrong if I'm really having one of those days where I fancy a little pick me up I might apply some kind of balm just to give my skin a lift and to protect me from pollution and UV rays.
I asked my very vegan friend a while ago what the best tinted moisturiser would be or bb cream and he pointed me into the direction of the Madara sun flower tinted fluid.

I loveeeee it, its super radiant and for a tinted moisturiser it's actually pretty good coverage. There is no SPF in this product but most bb creams or tinted moisturisers don't have them because it tends to thicken the product up to much defeating the object of a product thats actually supposed to be pretty light weight.


So under my tinted moisturiser or when I'm having a no makeup day I make sure my skin is fully protected and hydrated on these congested London streets.
See below a full list of my everyday skincare routine.

Skin & Tonic make-up remover- I always use a proper make-up remover to take of my eye make-up as I find that area is super sensitive on me, a lot of eye make-up removers a really oily but this really isn't at all and all the ingredients a totally natural.

Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser- I found this product in my local Planet Organic and for the moment I'm loving it, I always change up my cleansers, I personally find that my skin eventually becomes immune to the product if I use it for to long. This product is great for oily sensitive skin just like mine and where it foams it leaves my skin feeling extra soft and cleansed. 

Neal's yard remedies rose toner- I love love love this product, anything that smells like rose I'm instantly drawn to. It takes of any excess make-up left on the skin and generally leaves the skin feeling fresh.

Oil balancing mattifying facial moisturiser by Sukin- if you get oily through the day this moisturiser is perfect, the natural shine on your skin comes through slowly during the day but due to this being a mattifying cleanser it keeps your make-up on a lot longer and by the time it gets to the end of the day your make-up still looks fresh.

Natural being Manuka honey night cream- My favourite skincare product ever! I actually look forward to putting this on at night. I'm obsessed with Manuka honey anyway and believe its the cure for everything and thats why I use it on my skin at night so it works during my sleep.
Its not sticky at all and actually has a really soft texture to it which leaves skin looking glowy and radiant when you wake up.

Trilogy organic Rosehip oil- I use this every other night to make sure my skin is constantly hydrated when I sleep. If your skin is naturally very oily like mine rose hip is just the right kind of oil for our skin. I advise you not to use it if your about to apply your make-up unless you have very dry skin as it can make your makeup look shiny through the day.


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