Sunday, 23 April 2017

My camera comes everywhere with me.

I get so many people messaging me about what camera I use, so
I thought it would be easier if I did a little blog post on this subject so I can tell you exactly which one I use, the settings I work on and where I bought it from.

It didn't take me long to pick what camera I wanted, I remember watching the Instagram sensation Amrezy's snapchat as she confidently showed us what camera she uses to take her selfies with and I just thought 'right! I'll take that one !' 
Its the Sony a5000, I really do love it ,its super compact and easy to use and with the type of work I do I needed something where I could just send the pictures straight to my phone using wifi.
It comes in black and white, as pretty as the white looked I bought black due to the fact I am always covered in make-up and just new it would get filthy.
I won't lie one of the main reasons I bought this cam was because it had a selfie flip screen, a lot of cameras that have this feature the screen either comes downwards or to the side but for some reason I wanted one that came up,  No idea why I just felt more comfortable with it like that.

It was purchased from John Lewis, its always a good idea to buy from them because if anything goes wrong with your camera they fix it for you straight away plus they have a 3 year gaurentee . At the time I bought it it was only £230 ,it now retails at around £370.
I think they realised how popular it became with instagrammers and bloggers they bumped the price right up.

The settings I have it on are all pretty normal, I always have it on Auto and I leave the flash on nearly all the time, I just prefer my make-up pics with a flash and that way you don't always have to search for dim lighting to find a flash, its just easier with it on all the time that way you have more control.

If I'm honest now that I've started blogging I have looked into buying a new camera, possibly the Olympus pen, I worked with Louise Thompson from Made In Chelsea and she was using it for filming and the video and pics looked great, butttt I think for close up makeup pics ill always be loyal to my Sony.

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